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Few agencies can rival the connection of our network. In addition to our offices across Canada, we have 12 hubs in the UK and Ireland and we are represented in 100 business capitals around the globe.



Winnipeg is loved by director Jessica Harcome Fleming. She relishes the fact it’s recognized globally as the cultural cradle of Canada.

She said: “The reason I’m so fond of Winnipeg is because of its focus on arts and culture. It’s the home of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and so much more.

“Winnipeg is also one of the happiest places in Canada, experiencing some of best sunny weather with 2,372 hours of sunshine per year! That’s the most of all Canadian cities. What’s not to love about Winnipeg?”



Beattie Tartan is proud to bring a full suite of integrated communications and marketing services to companies in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

PR, digital, social, creative, content creation and content marketing services are all part of our offering.

We are passionate about integrated comms because joined up marketing makes a bigger impact and generates more sales than marketing implemented in silos.

Drop Jessica an email to find out how Beattie Tartan can transform your brand.   



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