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Few agencies can rival the connection of our network. In addition to our offices across Canada, we have 12 hubs in the UK and Ireland and we are represented in 100 business capitals around the globe.


Meet Sam Geer

Born and raised in Vancouver, Sam brings an unmatched level of knowledge, expertise and relationships earned from her 25 years in PR, media and marketing roles within Canada’s lifestyle, travel and hospitality industries.

Sam specializes in PR, strategy and digital marketing. Throughout her career, Sam has built a strong reputation for generating out-of-the-box ideas, developing irresistible story angles, forging long-lasting relationships with media, influencers and industry members. Her ability to fuel her team and clients with infectious energy are evidence of her deep-rooted passion for marketing communications.

Integrated Marketing

Specialist Teams

As an integrated marketing and communications agency we are respected for our commercial creativity.

As far as we are concerned, big innovative ideas have to produce an outstanding ROI or they are not creative.   

Winning awards is not what we are about. Our talented team see commercial payback as much more important.

Giving our clients a business advantage is one of the reasons why we operate specialist teams covering 12 industry sectors including retail, travel and healthcare.


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