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Hotel Zed Baby Maker

Beattie Tartan was tasked with adding a new creative twist to Hotel Zed’s Nooner promotion that runs annually on Valentine’s Day.

What we did

Beattie Tartan was tasked with adding a new creative twist to Hotel Zed’s Nooner promotion that runs annually on Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, the promotion would offer a “Nooner” experience that consumers can gift to loved ones instead of flowers or chocolate.

In 2020, Beattie Tartan added a daring twist, turning the promotion into the ‘Nooner Baby Maker’; where if customers who took advantage of the Nooner promotion welcome a baby into their family nine months later, they get a free Valentine’s Day stay at Hotel Zed for the next 18 years.The goal was to increase the overall brand awareness for Hotel Zed on a national level. ​

How we did it

Beattie Tartan harnessed media relations to outreach local and international media to spread awareness of the campaign. Pitching targets included mainstream, travel and lifestyle media. Beattie Tartan also strategically created a social media plan to maximize the presence of the campaign online. This included organic posts as well as paid posts. ​

Our Results

Beattie Tartan used media relations to secure coverage in national and international outlets. This included coverage in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Spain, Germany and in major mainstream outlets including CNN, People Magazine, Lonely Planet, Saturday Night Live, TMZ and more.

The total earned media impressions reached more than 160,000,000. Hotel Zed website visits increased by more than 400% and bookings for the Nooner promotion more than doubled from the previous year – resulting in the greatest number of Nooner bookings since 2014.