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The rise of voice search and how our digital team is preparing our clients for this new digital trend

By Deirdre Campbell
Wednesday, April 18 2018

Having your website optimized for voice search is rising in importance as people come to rely more on speaking queries into their phone or digital assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home rather than typing them.

Already, one in five searches made online is spoken, not typed - something our digital team know our clients have to address immediately.

And as Beattie’s digital studio director Adam Christie and head of search Daniela Young are keen to point out, those digital assistants only speak the top search result.

Adam and Daniela are so convinced of the importance of voice search and voice search SEO, they have produced the world’s first series of podcasts on the subject.

They are convinced that if you are not paying attention to voice search, your brand won’t be heard above the crowd.

Exponential growth of voice search

As the popularity of digital assistants grows, the importance of those searches will only increase. Think how important mobile search has become in a relatively short space of time. Voice search will follow that exponential growth.

Alexa and her ilk, after all, may seem like they are only there to find you the nearest sushi restaurant or play your top ten Tragically Hip tracks playlist.

But Alexa and Co are not there to do you a favour – they are marketing tools that turns data into a commodity.

Those digital assistants are there to make money for Amazon and anyone else who spots the opportunity.

If you are in e-commerce, voice search is an easy way to sell – once people get comfortable with the idea of buying by voice, at least – as you can put your product square in front of the consumer.

For all other business, voice search SEO is key to getting ahead of the curve. Remember, those digital assistants only read out the top search result.

Knowing how to optimize your website, and making sure your product is featured at the top of Amazon and Google search results, is where our digital team come in.

There’s real expertise needed to get this right, as the way we speak is so different from the way we type. Think how the story you tell your friends over coffee differs from the post you’d write about it on Facebook.

Typing in keywords

Speaking is a more organic, less thought out process. You ask your digital assistant a question instead of typing in keywords as you would on a tablet or laptop.

It’s our digital team’s job to work out what questions your potential customers will ask so that your brand, your company tops their search results.

To do this, they mine analytics data for the voice search terms that will raise your business’s online profile.

Daniela blogged about getting your website optimized for voice search recently. It’s packed with information that can help your brand stand out online.

To sum up: if you are not listening out for voice search, you won’t be heard.