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The Changing Landscape of Media Relations

Thursday, April 16 2020

Is PR still a thing?

PR and Media Relations has evolved from strict media outreach to being an integral part of an integrated brand strategy. In this modern world, all channels of communications work in tandem, creating a united brand identity. Media Relations is now a large part of the cohesive, non-siloed way of communicating a brand’s value with clients, other businesses and the rest of the world.

Media relations is now more important than ever – because the world is seeking storytellers to share authentic brands, stories and truth about our ever-changing world. 

PR in the digital age

Digital media improves our ability to target, understand and converse with our audiences, allowing for powerful two-way communication and real-time feedback. Modern PR blends all other brand tactics under one integrated strategy. Embracing all communication channels - where social media, newsletters, website, media outreach, and building brand identity are saying the same thing, united stories and cohesive messaging.

What’s changed?

With the major decline of print journalism, radio and television advertising, media relations needs to adapt as well. Today there is a major shift towards personalized digital content, asking marketers and PR professionals to meet the audiences on channels where content is being consumed. The nature of content itself has changed too, with more interactive content, video, photo and shorter articles becoming popular - audiences are consuming even more news than before!

Traditional outlets are also evolving in order to stay present in this changing world. The number of outlets has decreased, as has the number of journalists – which creates more brands and more stories but with fewer writers to tell those stories! It is becoming increasingly difficult to get stories told by journalists.

What can we do?

In this ever-changing media climate, how do you and your business stand out? Adapting news stories for specific digital platforms has become essential. As well as customizing each media relationship and pitch to suit each individual journalist.

Aligning all communication, media relations, marketing, customer service and brand identity into a single message - every touchpoint with a client is an opportunity to share your business’ story.

Use the existing channels to tell YOUR story - express the emotion behind your brand on social media, share solutions in your email marketing, motivate clients to connect with informative blogs and create a buzz by involving like-minded journalists.

Did we pique your interest?

Let us take the guesswork out of navigating the new digital landscape. Connect with us to build an integrated communications and marketing strategy that will enhance your incredible business. We can’t wait to hear your story!