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How to shift your social media strategy

Tuesday, March 31 2020
Social Media will continue to grow as an influential channel in the weeks and months to come. Beattie Tartan suggests some minor tweaks to your current strategy in order to remain valuable to your wider audience.
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Tips and tricks for working from home

Monday, March 23 2020
The world we currently live in is unprecedented. The modern world has not seen a pandemic like this and with it comes a lot of changes. For some, much like the unchartered territory we’re in, working from home may also be strange and new. From dealing with distractions to keeping a routine there are a number of ways you can keep your sanity while also adhering to physical distancing. Finding the right balance for yourself will require a little bit of trial and error, but to start with we’ve put together the following tips and tricks for working from home.
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How to communicate during these uncertain times

Thursday, March 19 2020
With the ongoing pandemic, we continue to venture further and further into unchartered territory. The changes we are seeing in the world are fluid and happening on an hourly basis.
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