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Why this PR agency admires the old-school advice for startups in Jim Hayhurst’s guest blog

By Deirdre Campbell
Wednesday, June 20 2018
We surround ourselves with top talent as we strive to deliver the best results for our public relations and communications clients – as well as employees that means mentors, associates and thought leaders. And from time to time, our PR agency will take advantage of our inspirational community by sharing their insights. Jim Hayhurst has such insights.
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Why the truth is central to our public relations advice

By Deirdre Campbell
Monday, June 11 2018
Telling hard truths is a difficult job. However, we’d be failing in the public relations advice we give our clients if we didn’t do it when it’s required. Sometimes, clients are too close to a situation, too close to their brand, to see the Go Train to Reputational Damage racing down the track towards them.
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World Oceans Day: Why commitment to the environment must be more than a PR strategy

By Avril Matthews
Friday, June 08 2018
It’s not often that a PR strategy built around that sinking feeling is a good thing. But our client Victoria International Marina plumbed the depths to underline its commitment to the environment.
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